What Do We Believe?

  •       We believe that God loves each human being so much, that, longing for relationship with us, God became a human being in the form of God's Son, Jesus Christ.  Jesus bridges the gap between God's perfection and our human nature, showing how we should love one another by his own example.  We believe that because of Jesus' life, death and resurrection, we can find forgiveness for our own wrongdoing in God's love.  We are so grateful that God's Holy Spirit, as promised by Jesus, walks with us every day-- guiding, comforting and inspiring us.
  • We believe that the Bible offers us God's truths for daily living; and that we are meant to struggle to understand those truths, using the wisdom of those who have gone before us in following Jesus, using the Holy Spirit's guidance, and using our own brains to interpret the application of Biblical truths in our lives today.
  •       Here's what makes us a little different from some other churches... we believe that process of grace lasts a lifetime.  We are transformed by God's love, not just in a moment, but throughout the journey of our lives.  That process brings us ever closer to God's joy and peace.
  •       We accept and include ALL people at Broadway-- rich or poor, gay or straight, all different ethnicities-- everyone among us has fallen short of perfection, so we really try not to sit in judgment of one another.  None of us knows it all, but we are on the journey together.  In the meantime, we try to share God's love in practical ways (like food and shelter and encouragement) with people in need here in Orlando and all around the world.     
  •     We welcome people who aren't yet sure what they believe, as well as people from other faiths who are curious about Jesus.  
Come to Broadway and journey with us in your search for God, your search for truth.
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